Reason Why I Want to do the Gastric Bypass

There’s never just one reason, is there?  I started this list with this post and as I got to thinking before I went to sleep that night I thought of so many more reasons why I want to do this.  I thought of so many more reasons why I want to go through this life altering change.

  1. Comfortably ride on an airplane
  2. Put the tray table down while flying
  3. Fly without using a seat belt extender
  4. Have my scale finally not say “MAX” disapprovingly
  5. Fit in the two pairs of jeans I could wear last year
  6. Finally wear the awesome t-shirts my step-sister bought me for Christmas 2 or 3 years ago
  7. Have a neck again instead of just a chin
  8. Reduce the effort my already broken heart (I have CM/LBBB/Tachycardia) has to put out
  9. Wear heals
  10. Wear a bikini
  11. Have my husband be able to carry me over the threshold of our house
  12. Be able to ride the amusement park rides
  13. Sit comfortably in any chair
  14. Drive a car without the steering wheel touching my stomach
  15. Cross my legs
  16. Paint my toe nails without awkwardly contorting myself or cutting off my breathing

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