101 Things I Hate

  1. surprises
  2. being tickled
  3. being sticky
  4. having something on my hands or face
  5. having my picture taken
  6. having a video taken
  7. stupid people
  8. being woken up
  9. mosquitoes
  10. mornings
  11. not being able to sleep
  12. how lazy I am
  13. how fat I am
  14. Maryland
  15. my fingers
  16. my toes
  17. how red my face is all the time
  18. my laugh
  19. my voice
  20. when all the roads turn to slush
  21. when people ask me where the menu is and they’re staring at it
  22. when people ask me if we have something that isn’t on the menu and they’re staring right at the menu
  23. idiots who don’t know how to drive in the snow

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